Wannabe U (2020)

Release Year: 2020

Country: Korean

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Friendship, Music, School, Youth

Status: TV Series

Views: 60

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Han Seo Ha is a bright and cheerful girl in 3rd year of middle school. She dreams of entering Hanlim Multi Art School because she loves singing. But she’s always compared to her older sister Seo Jin. Seo Jin is a sophomore in Practical Music department in Hanlim Multi Art School. She has an aura of a girl group center. She’s excellent at playing piano, but she isn’t as good as Seo Ha when it comes to singing. Cha Su Ho is a sophomore in Hanlim, his speciality is piano and vocals. He’s tall and good-looking. He has all female students attention, but he isn’t interested in any of them. Do Chae Ah is a sophomore in Hanlim. She receives attention from teachers and students because of her skills and looks. She is always unhappy with Seo Jin. Ban Da Yul is Seo Ha’s best friend, she always carries tarot cards with her and chants strange spells. Watch drama online for free.

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