Wada Yuu is 37-years-old. He has worked for a company the past 15 years, but the COVID-19 outbreak caused the company to go bankrupt. He now makes a living as a deliveryman. One day, while he is doing his job, he meets his grandfather Wada Kan and stepfather Wada Shuhei for the first time in many years. When Yuu was 10-years-old, his mother married Wada Shuhei, but his mother later died. After the death of his mother, Yuu continued to live with his stepfather Wada Shuhei. He eventually moved out after he graduated from a university and got a job. Since Wada Yuu moved out, his relationship with Wada Shuhei has become estranged. Now, Yuu begins to live with his stepfather Wada Shuhei and grandfather Wada Kan. By a friend's recommendation, Yuu begins to work as a reporter for an online news site. Meanwhile, Wada Shuhei works as a general producer at a broadcasting station and Wada Kan works as an editorial writer for a newspaper. Watch drama online for free.

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